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Willis Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Please complete all sections of the application. The deadline for submission is (04/15/12).

Section 1 – Personal Information




Email address:

Section 2 – Academic Information

Name of High School:  __________________________________________________________________

GPA: _______

High School Rank: _____out of ______      

SAT/ACT Scores: __________________

Anticipated college major(s): ______________________________________________

Section 3 –Activities and Interests

A.  List and briefly describe your high school extracurricular activities (e.g. memberships in organizations, sports, etc.):

Organization Involved

Position Held

Date of Involvement

Brief description of your responsibilities:

B. List and briefly describe volunteer activities in which you have been involved:



Date of Involvement


Brief description of how you participated:





C.  List honors or academic awards you have received (e.g. scholarly activities, research, etc.):






D. List and briefly describe any work experience:



Dates of Employment


Brief description of your work responsibilities:





Section 4 – Short Essays

Maximum word count:  250 per question.


A. Why did you choose the Willis Family Foundation?

B. How do you feel that this scholarship will prepare you for success, both in your intended major and in general?

C. How will you be financing your college education and how will a scholarship impact your plans?

D. Is there any other information that we should know about you? This is your opportunity to include information that is not contained in other areas of the application. Please be specific. 

Submitting your application

Please submit the following to be considered for the Chapter scholarship:

1. Completed application form

2. Letters of recommendation from your high school faculty or counselor

3.  For counselor use:  Please submit a copy of the applicant’s transcript and a copy of ACT/SAT scores.

This application is due on (4/15/12)

Return applications to:  

3337 West Florida Ave. #107

Hemet, California 92545

Fax: 951-392-2417

Please direct any questions to (Debra Willis). 


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